Beautiful Souls of Medium

Bradley Tucker
3 min readNov 10, 2022


By Tumisu from Pixabay

This one is for you, you endlessly curious and emotionally expansive humans, that populate the Medium cyberspace with your carefully chosen words and expertly manicured verses.

At times, when my crippling self-doubt rises its ugly head to aim shots at my attempts of unmitigated self-expression, or when I feel deflated from my unimpressive view counts, I try to remind myself that every technology has its pitfalls, but the people are why I remain.

I often forget to be grateful for access to an open platform to share my thoughts, dreams and ideas, with other likeminded beings across the world who can live a reality that is so alien to my own.

In truth, I see so much of myself out there, and in you. I’m sure we all do. Your struggles, your attempts to downplay your own suffering, your growth and learnings, your otherworldly descriptions or your poignant poetic sentiments that you choose to freely create for us all to enjoy.

We are all overflowing with thoughts that are the sum total of our lives and experiences, which offers an entirely unique perspective from our own unique journey through life.

Admittedly, not everything I read is to my interest which is perfectly natural, but I still have empathy for the soul behind it and their unique perspective. I know that they have a reason for creating their art and that there will be someone out there who will need to hear those words at that specific moment in time.

We are not all the same and that makes the world a beautiful and at times, scary place to live in, but we all have blood flowing through our veins and hearts that beat faster or slower depending on our environment. We all dream, fantasize, love, overcome adversity, grow and learn. We are all here for a good time, to leave our mark and to hopefully leave this world a little better than how we found it.

The people of Medium, however, are a special bunch. The act of sharing and putting yourself out there enlightens you to the fact that the world isn’t as dark as the national news channel likes to paint it. We are opening ourselves like a flower ready to provide blossom for dutiful bees to help pollenate a new world of greater empathy, understanding and creation.

Words move us, they change us, they invigorate us. We begin to see the power of being our authentic selves and how our consumption continuously sculpts our world view.

Before veering off into a new tangent, which I have a habit of doing (always a persistent obstacle as a writer), I would like to extend my gratitude for everyone that writes and reads on Medium. You do not only provide site traffic and a very modest income to content creators who are doing what they love, but you are also lighting the torch for others to feel free to openly express themselves, which is a freedom that should not be taken lightly.

Happy writing!



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