The People of the Amazon

Bradley Tucker
2 min readSep 4, 2023
Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

Are we your muse?
You bring your cameras to shine a light on us
You talk with enthusiasm about our tragic plight
You say you are here to help
You promise change
But our home, the lungs of this world, continues to burn
Our waters are polluted
Our food sources are contaminated
Life all around us, is dying
Will we vanish from this Earth like other species that perished with your arrival?
You colonisers have many faces
We remain unchanged, our minds untarnished
We are at one with this world
While you can only achieve brief moments of unity, with chemical aid
You have forgotten who your true mother is
You are sick and you have brought your sickness with you
Now our world is sick
You shoot for the stars, like a contagion that multiplies
When will it be enough?
To save us is to leave us alone
You can only contain the damage
Leave us to our world as we have left yours to you
We have seen what you have done with it
The blood spilt and the life lost
When will you learn from the past?
How many stolen generations must you leave in your wake?
All you need has already been generously provided
All you had to do was distribute it fairly



Bradley Tucker

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