Viewing the World in Terms of Creation and Consumption

Bradley Tucker
6 min readJul 28
By Brett Sayles from Pexels

The world can seem like a complex and scary place at times, especially for the young generation who have a long road ahead. Once you’ve penetrated the thin veneer of the flawed global society we live in, and its endless contradictions, and after you’ve tired of chasing aestheticism and short-term excitement, a general apathy and malaise can linger within as you strive for a deeper level of meaning and purpose.

Apathy can quickly spiral into an introspective questioning of your life choices and dissecting your past through the muddied lens of regret. You begin to look for evidence for your insecurities and punish yourself in a deluded attempt at gaining some control over your life.

I think a better way to look at the world when you too are suffering from overwhelm is to view the world in terms of Creation and Consumption. Many things in life divide and separate us; culturally, economically, geographically, but the two constants that connect us all, is the ongoing process of creation and consumption.

We all consume what others have produced or created and we all want to create, ideally something that is meaningful to us. It could be creating a space for others, an emotional state, a product or service, a piece of art that can stand the test of time, change for a healthier and more inclusive society.

Equally, if we are part of creating something, then we want to have a hand in the decision making, and to have an impact. How you contribute is also important. There is no right answer here. Deterministic factors have made you the way you are and how your body responds to various signals. Based on these signals and your interests you will have to work to find an arena where you can contribute in a way that suits you.

The importance of balance and well-being

How fulfilled we feel is generally based on a good measure of 3 things:

1) How aligned we are with what we are consuming.

2) How much we create as opposed to consume.

3) How aligned we are with what we are creating.

Everything in the universe is based around energy, every living thing on this Earth. The more energy you are able to gather and sustain, the more…

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